Best School Pocket Charts

of October 2021

Intuitive and Effective counting chart: color board counter are used to work place value counting "ones" "tens" “hundreds”

Easy to use and great resource for kindergarten class be a chart of calendar time or school days and counting

Well Made: Made from long lasting polyester 420D and visual good plastic, it can use last for a long time

Approx 18.7" by 15.6", with place value pocket and 2 storage pocket at bottom; Package come with 200 sticks, 43 Number cards, 20 Rubber bands

The back of pocket chart with a magnet to stick on white board, and two reinforced grommets to stability on it

Easy to Use:Double sided self-standing pocket chart, folds flat for easy storage, save space and fast assemble

Premium Quality: 5 display pockets on each side, made from durable and clear PVC film.

Bonus Cards: Comes with 20 X-large double sided dry erase cards, Eco-Friendly and reusable

Configurable Cards: Each of the cards measure 11” X 2”, you can cut them into 5 pieces or more, just choose the size you need and design your display.

Great As:Teacher resource for small group instruction, ideal for classroom and home using.

Package Includes: 1 calendar and weather pockets chart, 4 over door hanging hooks, 109 illustrated cards and 3 double-sided reusable dry-erase cards. Convenient to carry and easy to use.

Perfect Size: Educational charts for classroom 28.3 X 44.5 inches. Film pockets 2.2" depth. Bottom tool pockets size 4 X 6.5 inches. Two sizes of illustrated cards 2.8 X 4.7 inches and 2.8 X 2.8 inches.

Great Design: Blue background and colorful cards can attract children's attention, Through this pockets chart kids could learn about the days of the week, months, year, seasons, feel, festival, weather and some activities. 3 bottom tool pockets for stationery such as pencil, ruler, markers, scissor etc.

Durable Materials: Our pockets chart is made of quality material, lightweight, durable, not easy to damage and reusable. Metal grommets on the top, easy to hang. durable card stock; Color clear printing.

Widely Used: Calendar and weather pockets chart is a great ideal for office, classroom and home using. Help children learn calendars, enhance memory and improve hands-on ability.

🔠 PERFECT CLASSROOM & HOMESCHOOL TEACHING AID - In a class or home setting, teachers and children highly benefit from a chart with pockets. It helps enhance interest, engagement, and the learning process.

🔠 GREAT FOR SPECIAL EDUCATION - For children with dyslexia, ADHD, autism, and other learning challenges, our well-designed pocket chart is a creative and interactive educational tool that supports learning!

🔠 STRONG & STURDY MATERIALS - The clear, well-stitched pockets on the nylon background are durable enough to hold sentence strips, flash cards, cutouts, and other learning items and resources.

🔠 LARGER POCKETS THAN OTHER CHARTS - No more falling cards or strips! Each of the six pockets in our hanging chart is 3 inches deep to make sure that each item you insert stays put and protected.

🔠 MULTIFUNCTIONAL WALL ORGANIZER - Add the pocket chart to your classroom supplies or use it as a caddy or holder for small items like a cell phone, headphone set, calculator, keys, and more.

CALENDAR AND WEATHER POCKET CHART: Engage children in learning about seasonal happenings and weather with this illustrated chart

POCKET CHART INCLUDES 136 CARDS: Features 136 double-sided, full-color cards

MADE FROM STURDY VINYL FOR YEARS OF USE: Sturdy flame-retardant vinyl chart with hanging grommets measures 30.75"L x 44.25"H


♥Ideal For: The calendar can be used in the classroom and at home to arrange study time and rest time.Remind children to arrange their own time, and the kids can learning time’s concept imperceptibly.

♥Size and Design: 1 title colored card and 13 delightful double-sided subject cards plus 14 blank cards, Pocket Chart is made from durable plastic coated 420D polyester fabric to allow for repeated and the card is covered with a dry erase film,the writing can be erased easily .The size of the product is 43” x 14”.

♥Installation details: The product comes with two simple hooks, hang the hook on a hanger or any other place where it can be hung.

♥Enhanced Pocket: Full-size pocket film,ensure that the schedule card can be settled stably.The chart has 14 transparent pockets and a storage pocket underneath.Can store cards, scissors, pens, etc.

♥For people: Suitable for children from 3 to 14 years old. A schedule that is conducive to the development of good habits for preschoolers.

Teacher Helper: It's used to organize center activities, sentence strips, alphabet cards and more, it's the best teaching supplies for kindergarten

Pocket Charts: 43.7"(L) by 28" (W), standard pocket chart fit cards in 27.5(L) X 4(W) inch

Transparent Film good to see clear and Reinforced Grommets easy to hang anywhere

Durable Construction: Made from durable polyester fabric, allows you to repeated for a long time

Packing:1X 10-slot Classroom Pocket Chart (hooks and sentence strips are not included)

Plastic Dowel rod stitched inside Each pocket chart for stability

Reinforced grommets

Realistic photographs in full color

3 place value Cards (4" X 1-1/2")

30 Number cards (3 copies of numbers 0 to 9) (2" X 1-1/2")

200 plastic counting straws (6")

This hands-on learning chart is brightly colored for counting, sorting, grouping, and place values

This teach place values Chart Size: approx 18.7" by 15.6", with place value pocket and 2 accessories storage pocket

Counting caddie pocket chart Come with 200 Counting sticks, 43 Number cards, 20 Rubber bands, easy to use and set up

Excellent visual for place value to keep track counting,and it works well with the Calendar/Weather/Season pocket chart

It teaches ones, tens and hundreds easy for children to understand and to practice place value and keeps everything neat and organized.

✨ DURABLE & LONG LASTING: Our dry erase clear pocket sleeves are made with durable and long-lasting pet plastic with industrial-grade stitching according to the highest quality standard so that you can make the most of them.

💊 METAL EYELET & MARKER HOLDER: Our dry erase plastic sleeves have metal grommet eyelets so you can hang them easily on any hook, and they also have elastic marker holders for storing the different sizes of markers.

🎯 OVERSIZED POCKETS: Our dry erase pockets measure 10 x 14 inches, which makes them perfect for storing the most size of papers or student activity sheets, and they come in 6 colors, which are red, green, yellow, orange, purple, and blue.

♻️ VERSATILE: Our dry erase sleeves for the classroom are perfect for student activity sheets, work orders, and shop ticket orders, and they ensure that whatever you chose to put in them will stay as neat and clean as the day you inserted them.

🌏 SAVE THE EARTH: By using our reusable dry erase pockets, you will eliminate the need to print out multiple copies so that it will save ink, paper, your time, and money, but most of all, it will help save our planet.