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CUTE PETS NUTRILAC, Sterilized Goat Milk Replacer Best for Newborn Puppies Kittens, Rehabilitation Dogs Cats & Mammals, High Growth Strengthens Immunity Pet Milk Replacement Food Supplement 250 g./box

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Best Kitten Food Supplements 2
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  • STERILIZED GOAT MILK REPLACER POWDER: Provides Complete Nutrition for Healthy Development Milk for kittens & puppies Has the same benefits as breastmilk the most. Suitable for kittens & puppy whose mother is unable to feed Can be used from birth to all ages of pets In addition, it can be used with all mammals such as rats, rabbits, squirrels.
  • High Benefit with The best ingredients from healthy goats. We take care of goats that raise nature in a wide area. And eat organic food Goat Milk from mother goats that only raise real babies.
  • Usable Energy 53 kilocalories per 100 grams. Helps to strengthen the body immunity Prevent various diseases - high in protein and calcium - High in fat and low in lactose - CUTE PETS NUTRILAC Milk Replacer for Dogs & Cats, newborn puppies & kittens is a new formula. Best for puppy, kittens, sicker dogs and cats, gestation, lactation & malnutrition.
  • Help your kittens and puppies to be healthy and strong. - Fast growing with complete structure according to species, Good health - can be used at all ages, Make animal fatter, grow fast, skin & hair are soft and beautiful.
  • Direction: Mix 1 part(1 spoon = 10 cc.) of Nutri lac milk powder to 5 parts(30 cc.) of warm water. Dissolved milk should be feed within 1 hour, Net Weight 250 g./box